Confirmed - How The Adidas App Rewards Its Members

June 1, 2023·4 min read·By Christian Cardnuto
Confirmed - How The Adidas App Rewards Its Members

With the recent news that Adidas will soon be selling off their remaining stock of Yeezy sneakers, there has been renewed attention on the Confirmed App. The mobile app is the Adidas source for all their hype drops and access. The app is relatively straightforward, but there are some things to know that can indeed increase your chances of copping. 

First and foremost, Adidas rewards its loyal members. Confirmed uses the AdiClub loyalty program, so if you don't already have an account with them, head over to Adidas and set one up ASAP. You can use either their mobile app or website to set up your account and only need to provide some basic information. 

Once you've created your account, take a second and review the program. AdiClub has 4 Tiers of status, each with its own unique set of rewards. The rewards start off pretty simple but start to add up with every dollar you spend. Not only does spending money earn you points, but you can also earn points by completing activities and workouts on the Adidas family of fitness apps. 

Tier 1 (0 - 999 points): Early access to sales and members-only releases 

Tier 2 (1000 - 3999 points): 3 Months of free premium access to Adidas Fitness Apps and a birthday gift

Tier 3 (4,000 - 11,999 points): Early access to product releases and free personalization on certain products

Tier 4 (12,000+ points): Priority access on the Confirmed App drops and invitations to events and parties

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In addition to the rewards listed above, you also have the opportunity to purchase discount vouchers with your points that can save you upwards of 30% on a given purchase. While this is all nice, the reward for taking notice is the "Priority access to Confirmed App drops" in Tier 4. It means just what it sounds like, if you are in Tier 4, you have a higher chance of seeing that coveted "Confirmed" screen than those who don't. How much of a higher chance Tier 4 gives is a complete mystery but don't be surprised when your success improves once you hit that Tier.

Now that your account is set up and you understand how to boost your odds, head back over to the Confirmed App and get ready for a drop. The Confirmed App is a lot different from the SNKRS App in that they post their drops up days, sometimes weeks, in advance of the actual release. 

99% of all drops on the Confirmed App are their standard Draws. To enter the draw, click on the shoe you want to enter for, choose your size, and confirm your shipping and payment info. Depending on what form of payment you use, you may need to verify your identity with a code they will text, don't forget about this because your entry cannot be valid without it.

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Once the draw closes, the app will select winners of the next few hours in a lottery style. If your entry is selected and your size is available, your order is confirmed, and your card will be charged. Draws can take a few hours to complete, but typically, the winners are sent out early in the process.

The only other actual type of drop we see on the confirmed app is their que-style drop. This is basically an FCFS release where speed matters. On the product page, the listing will specify that it is a queue drop and when it starts. Once the queue opens, follow the on-screen prompts to enter payment info and size preference and get in the queue as fast as possible. Once you're in, it's just a waiting game while they process orders. If you were able to enter fast enough, you would see the Confirmed screen once your order is processed. 

Lastly is the elusive Exclusive Access (EA). EA is exactly what it sounds like; it's a limited-time offer that only goes out to select accounts. EA is completely random with Adidas. It can happen on any day and at any time. Fair warning, EA only lasts for 30 minutes. If you see it, d not hesitate, as you have a very small window to cop, and sizes typically sell out fast. 

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With a restock of a massive amount of Yeezys right around the corner, it's a good time to familiarize yourself with the app. The Yeezy drops will be highly sought after and very hard to hit. Don't forget about their loyalty tiers as you prep for upcoming releases. 

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