MSCHF Big Red Boot Restocking On June 13th

June 12, 2023·2 min read·By Christian Cardnuto
MSCHF Big Red Boot Restocking On June 13th

As if the evil geniuses at MSCHF didn't bank enough headline fodder with the initial drop of the Big Red Boot, they've now decided to restock them. The Big Red Boot caused one of the biggest stirs in the sneaker and streetwear community, as has recent memory, and many resellers still need to make up for their losses. 

The giant rubber cartoon boots were part of the greatest marketing campaign the sneaker world has ever seen. Celebrities wore them across the globe, pairs were selling for $1,000+ on StockX, and they nearly broke Twitter. Then they dropped. 

Everyone in the world seemed to hit their raffle, and every botter that ran their FCFS hit clips, leading some to wonder if the release was just a made-to-order presale. So many pairs were circulated that prices tanked; even today, every size is well below retail on StockX. Now for some reason, they're restocking. 

You're in luck if you missed the initial release or want to pay $50 more than you can buy them for on the aftermarket. The MSCH Big Red Boot will restock on June 13th for $350 and will be available exclusively on the MSCHF Sneakers App and through Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for all the latest news on sneakers, streetwear, and collectibles.

Images via MSCHF

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