Kool Kiy Partner Settles Lawsuit

August 26, 2023·2 min read·By Nigel McGowan
Kool Kiy Partner Settles Lawsuit

Update (08/24/23): After months of debate, the court battle between Kool Kiy's partner David Weeks and Nike has finally come to an end in favor of Nike. David Weeks is now ordered to:

  • admit that Nike owns all their trademarks
  • that David Weeks infringed on those trademarks
  • stop all current and future production of Air Kiys

Note: This is a separate legal filing that targets only David Weeks. The case between Kiy and Nike is still ongoing. Stay tuned for additional details

Trademark infringement is a contentious topic within the sneaker community. Kool Kiy, a well-known emerging sneaker brand, was recently the target of a lawsuit brought by Nike, who claimed that Kool Kiy's designs violated the company's trademarked designs. Kool Kiy has now filed a counterclaim against Nike's case.

Kool Kiy asserts that Nike's case lacks merit and that Kool Kiy's creations are unique and do not infringe on Nike's trademarks. Kool Kiy further asserts that Nike's action is an effort to eliminate rivalry and preserve a monopoly over the sneaker business. Many in the sneaker community have been backing Kool Kiy's position against Nike in this legal spat.

As the Kool Kiy v. Nike legal dispute develops, significant issues regarding the application of trademark law to the shoe industry come to light. While it's crucial to safeguard intellectual property, others contend that businesses like Nike may be going overboard with their trademark protections. The sneaker community depends on innovation and originality to exist, and stifling that ingenuity through overly strict trademark enforcement might kill the very culture that makes shoes so unique.

It will be interesting to see how this legal battle affects the industry as a whole and what it means for the future of sneaker culture. For the latest information on sneakers, clothing, and collectibles and to stay up to date with the latest drops, connect with us on Instagram and Twitter.

Images via US Supreme Court


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