All 99 Pairs Of The Bugatti x Adidas Crazyfast Cleat In Existence To Drop Via Digital Auction

November 4, 2023·2 min read·By Christian Cardnuto
All 99 Pairs Of The Bugatti x Adidas Crazyfast Cleat In Existence To Drop Via Digital Auction

The day may soon come when we look back at this past year as the year that launched the digital sneaker drops into the mainstream. Just recently, we've seen Puma release an MB.03 by way of an NFT mint, Nike has rewarded its Our Force 1 NFT holders with exclusive access to its "TINAJ" Air Force 1, and the Nike x RTFKT project recently completed its forge event bringing real life kicks to supporters of the digital project. 

Now it's Adidas turn to join the fray. After launching their ALTS web3 project a few months ago, the brand said that each specific trait held would correlate to actual IRL benefits, and now we are getting a taste of just what those are. On November 8th, Adidas will host a live auction for 99 digital shoeboxes that give holders access to the super limited Bugatti x Adidas Crazyfast cleats. Holders of the Adidas ALTS STRIKE ALT[er] Ego Bugatti: Asprey Bugatti NFT will receive an exclusive and complementary 10% boost on any bids they place. So if a holder bids 1 ETH their bid will be boosted to 1.1 ETH,

Once the auction closes on November 11th, the winners can redeem their digital shoebox for the rare supercar-themed cleats. The Bugatti x Adidas Crazyfast spikes feature a black upper with a metallic blue toe cap that extends onto the medial. Matching blue detailing and Bugatti branding encapsulate the shoe that will surely be one of the most sought-after performance cleats ever.

This cyber-auction looks like the only option cop these cleats as a traditional release will likely never happen. Keep up to date with all the latest developments in the digital sneaker world by following us on Twitter and Instagram.

Images via Adidas

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