Twojkicks Banned From Buying Louis Vuitton For 2 Years For Violating Policy

January 11, 2023·3 min read·By Anthony Flores
Twojkicks Banned From Buying Louis Vuitton For 2 Years For Violating Policy

On January 10th, 2023 established reseller and owner of Urban Necessities in Las Vegas, Nevada Jaysse Lopez, better known as Twojskicks, received an email from Louis Vuitton claiming that he violated the product purchase limitation policy. Jaysse took to Instagram to express his confusion and frustration over the situation. 

"Thanks @louisvuitton you made my day! It’s amazing what a few social media posts on my page and then doing zero research to see if they even came from my client relations specialist or the purchase history for these items are on my account before coming to this comical decision."

When it comes to luxury goods, many companies, such as Louis Vuitton, have strict purchasing policies in place to prevent resellers from buying large quantities of their products and then reselling them at significantly higher prices. These policies are in place to protect the brand's image and exclusivity, and to ensure that their products are available to a wide range of customers.

Violating these policies can result in a variety of consequences, including being banned from making future purchases. In some cases, resellers may be banned from purchasing products from a particular company for a certain period of time, or may be banned from purchasing certain products altogether.

It's important for resellers to understand and comply with a company's purchasing policies to avoid any potential consequences, such as being banned from making future purchases. It's also important to note that, companies will have their own terms and conditions, and decision making process that can be different from others and could be based on multiple factors. Louis Vuitton’s terms are as follows.

"Louis Vuitton limits the quantity of products that can be purchased as follows : no more than 3 leather goods (including small leather goods) per transaction, with no more than 2 identical products per such transaction. Also, customers cannot, within 4 consecutive weeks, (i) buy more than 6 leather goods products (including small leather goods products), or (ii) buy in more than 3 different LV stores in the worldwide network, or (iii) conduct more than 8 transactions of all kind of products."

It's unclear if Twojkicks violated the terms or if Louis Vuitton took notice of his reselling habits and decided to come up with their own conclusion. It looks like for the moment the ban will be upheld and Jaysee will have to wait two years until he's able to walk into the store and purchase again. Theirs ways of avoiding the policy, paying with cash seeing as it does not connect you with a purchase sales history, unfortunately the sales rep can red flag you for suspicion. For the latest news going on in the sneaker realm, and to stay up to date with the latest releases, connect with us on Instagram and Twitter.

Photo via @twojkicks