Official Images Of The Upcoming A Ma Maniére x Air Jordan 4

November 3, 2022·2 min read·By Anthony Flores

Shortly after the A Maniére x Air Jordan 12 WMNS was announced, Jordan brand has announced another offer of the collaboration, this time in the A Ma Maniére x Air Jordan 4. This pair follows the release of the A Ma Maniére x Air Jordan 3, A Ma Maniére x Air Jordan 1 High OG, and the A Ma Maniére x Air Jordan 2.

This addition to the on going partnership features violet ore tones across the overlays and uppers. The black heel tab featuring the Nike Air branding, pull the tag and reveal the phrase “It’s not about the shoes…it’s about where you’re going” printed on the inside. Co-branding is seen on the tongue tags and the quilted lining is borrowed from pervious A Ma Maniére x Jordan Brand collabs. The hang tag also features co-branding, the pair is rounded off with a sail and black midsole, along with a Violet ore outsole. 

The A Ma Maniére x Air Jordan 4 is set to drop on November 23, 2022 for a retail price of $225. It’s scheduled to release via the A Ma Maniére website and the Nike SNKRS app. For more information on how to secure a pair, and to stay up to date with the latest releases, connect with us on Instagram and Twitter

Photos via Nike

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